Terry Kruse Abstract Landscapes

Fluid/no brush art …sometimes floral, sometimes landscape, always nature inspired…

Terry Kruse is a Canadian Artist who creates flowing dreamscapes reminiscent of a fabulous garden, mountain retreat or a tropical vacation. The art is created to bring joy through the lively images these pieces reflect.

As a child, Terry would spend hours drawing while sitting across the table from her dad, a talented but undiscovered artist. He would create these beautiful drawings or other pieces and she would watch, learn and sometimes copy him. As she grew, she chose work as a graphic designer but continued creating and experimenting in visual art.

I attended several art workshops and classes over the years, some of them a great distance from home. In these events I would follow the artist examples and then unsatisfied go off and do my own thing. Truthfully, I was there to see if I could find the type of art that made my heart sing.

A while ago, Terry started watching videos of people pouring paint. There are lots of these online and she tried some, but the paint chose its own direction and the results were random. Terry kept trying, experimenting with different materials and methods, eventually taking control and making the process her own.

The Process

As a designer, Terry’s work was focussed and absolute, showing a preciseness that also presented itself in her art, but internally there was something missing… she found herself wanting to cultivate a freedom that she wasn’t allowed to indulge as a designer.

Pouring changed that.

Her process involves the manipulation of canvas with instinctive, controlled pouring of acrylic paints, usually requiring several pours, each affecting the viscosity of the proceeding layers. This layering changes the palette, creating vibrant colours with rich hues, while showing tremendous movement and depth. The lively art somehow breaths and has a visual texture that can’t be created with a brush.

It was when I let the paint flow and blend that I was truly able to express the joy and freedom I was missing in other forms of art. Pouring helped the composition evolve in a choreography between me, the artist, and the paints. With freedom of movement came an overall satisfaction from a disciplined aesthetic balance. Magically, I am able to create a visual texture with elements, fine lines and blending that can’t be created with a brush. And because of this distinctive method each piece is truly one of a kind, exclusive, unrepeatable, somehow living in a world of its own.

The Paintings

Inspired by nature, this love is a constant connection.

While many contemporary artists create art to make people uncomfortable, Terry prefers to share joy and finds that people express a perception of warmth and happiness when viewing her art.

Terry shows in the Calgary area from time to time so check the events page and subscribe for notice of events below.